My Money-Manifesting Playlist

In order to manifest the life you want, you have to focus on your energy, baby! You have to feel good and enjoy life even when your down in the dumps. You almost have to pretend that the life you've always wanted is right at your fingertips. It helps to…
new moon manifesting

How to Execute a New Moon Manifesting Ritual

There was a lot of hype around manifesting in 2018, including new moon manifesting rituals. Though some are still cynical about the whole idea, it makes sense when we remember that energies are a genuine thing hence why our ancestors hunted and fished based on the moon cycles. How to…
faith it

Why You Have to Faith It Til You Make It

Your manifestation, prayers, and hard work will pay off. Faith connects you to the power source that helps bring your dreams to life. Find clarity in your intentions. Feel your goals already manifested, and faith it until you transform the way you feel about yourself in a way that changes…
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