MAIC 2018

#MAIC2018: It's a Wrap!, maic, maic 2018, loren, loren ridinger, jr ridinger

#MAIC2018: It's a Wrap!

And that's a wrap! MAIC 2018 was incredible. So many amazing moments! Every time JR hit the stage, I felt so much passion. I also hope you learned a lot from my Day 3 speech. No more exucses! You came here for a reason! Remember that you should not expect…
Fat Joe Speaks His Truth at #MAIC2018, fat joe, loren ridinger, loren, fat joe, maic 2018

Fat Joe Speaks His Truth at #MAIC2018

Fat Joe spoke his truth yesterday. He hit the #MAIC2018 stage with an incredible presentation about following your dreams, learning from your mistakes and working hard. I'm so proud of my brother. Thanks for coming out, Joe! Fat Joe Speaks His Truth at #MAIC2018 The key is to make it…
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