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Spring Has Sprung: Beauty Trends, beauty trends, spring has sprung, loren's world, makeup, beauty, spring

Spring Has Sprung: Beauty Trends

It's officially the first day of spring! Temperatures are going to start rising and I can't wait. Get ready for spring with the ultimate in beauty trends! You're not going to want to miss these amazing looks. Get ahead of the game or just get inspired for spring. Read on…
Empowering Quotes on Being Single, single, being single, loren's world, empowering quotes

Empowering Quotes on Being Single

Not all of us will be celebrating Valentine's Day with that special someone. Hey, that's okay! Life ebbs and flows, and honestly is being single the worst thing out there? If you're single this holiday, do yourself a favor and own it! Think about when you're finally settled down, life…
Weekend Must-Reads, weekend must-reads, weekend, 2019, weekend reads, reads, loren's world

Weekend Must-Reads

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm so ready to enjoy this weekend with my family and friends! Are you ready? We're prepping for MAWC2019 but we also have some plans with the family, and it's great! What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments or tweet me…
Weekend Must-Reads, entertainment, loren, loren ridinger, weekend, loren's world

Weekend Must-Reads

How was your second week of the New Year? We're all getting ready for MAWC 2019! Who's coming to Miami? I can't wait to see you all there! In the meantime, let's take a look back this week. I posted some great content on Loren's World that I want to…
Weekend Must-Reads, weekend, reads, loren, loren ridinger, loren's world, entertainment, fun

Weekend Must-Reads

Happy Friday, everyone! Who else is ready for the weekend? We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with the little ones next week, so the weekend is all about preparation for Christmas Day. We're going to enjoy the holiday together, and I'm so ready. What are your plans for the weekend?…
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