Weekend Must-Reads

Happy weekend, everyone! Today is the day, DJ Khaled's album digital download drops! I'm so incredibly proud of him. Have you had a chance to listen to 'Father of Asahd'? It's amazing! Every song is a hit. I couldn't be prouder of him. We've been listening to it all morning!…
Work Burnout Can Affect Everything, work burnout, work, loren, lorenridinger,

Work Burnout Can Affect Everything

Feeling burnt out with work? Oh, I know the feeling. You've driven yourself too far and now you're starting to resent what you do. You find that you can't take on easy tasks like before. It happens to more people than you know! For some of us out there, work…
happy Mother's Day

6 Stylish Things I Do Every Day

In case you haven't realized yet fashion is my passion. I love writing about fashion. I keep up on blogs, websites and the like. I love knowing about all things new and on-trend, yet there are some things that I do every day to keep my style up to date.…
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