Your Summer Lip Care Guide

Taking care of your skin means taking care of your lips, too. This summer, it's important to use SPF to protect every part of you—including your lips. That's why at Motives® we created products to help make keep your luscious lips protected during this season. We've got every product under…
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Perfect Pout: Lip Care Tips

Lips are major right now! Everyone wants the ultimate pout. Although many of you are heading to the doctor for fillings, there are ways to take care of your lips now to keep them healthy and fabulous. My tips will help you keep your lips beautiful for years to come.…

Get Your Lips Ready for Summer

Happy Independence Day weekend! If you're already celebrating the Fourth, then I hope you're doing it in style— especially when it comes to your makeup! Summertime means that there's a change in beauty trends. No more bland, or dark colors for your lips. It's time for colors with bright undertones…
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