STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

With the advent of social media, it can feel like everyone is living the ultimate dream life without you. Everyone has sixpack abs while traveling in Greece with their perfect partners. When you're at home or working, it can feel like your life doesn't add up so you compare yourself…
What You Appreciate Appreciates, appreciate

What You Appreciate Appreciates

Today, I want to bring you a reminder to stay positive and focused on the good. Read on! What you appreciate appreciates you. This is important in every part of our lives. When we act from a place of appreciation, our world viewpoint expand. We do things with love, we…
The Problem with Wanting More, why, my why, life, work, gratitude

The Problem with Wanting More

Picture this: you live in a great house, are dating the man of your dreams, living a fabulous life that anyone would be jealous of. But, you want more. More, more, more. When JR and I set out to create this company, we had big dreams and, sure every time…
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