JR Ridinger

jr Ridinger

JR Ridinger: Happy Birthday, Baby!

One of my greatest blessings in this life is to be Mrs. JR Ridinger. I could not have picked a more inspirational and incredible man to be my husband, father to Amber and Papa to our grandbabies. You are indeed one of a kind, complete with the most beautiful and…

Imprinting: JR's Epic MAWC 2019 Speech

The amount of hype around the "chickens, Ducks and Geese" analogy or metaphor from MAWC 2019 inspired me to summarize the meaning of Imprinting in a blog for you. Imprinting: JR's Epic MAWC 2019 Speech The Story The Imprinting is the natural phenomenon found in fowl that serves as evolution's…

Happy 29th Anniversary, JR!

Today marks 29 years of marriage to my leading man and soulmate, JR. It's amazing today to take some time out to reflect and appreciate the incredible life we've built together. We are so unbelievably blessed. The life we live together has exceeded my wildest dreams. We live a life…
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