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Why 2019 Is the Year of the Microinfluencer

Influencer marketing should be your new BFF, whether your business is selling products or services. In a relatively new marketing realm, it's essential to know how to manage influencer marketing partnerships to get powerful results for your brand. 2019 is officially the year of the microinfluencer; why? Because tech-savvy influencers…
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Happy Birthday, Jamie Foxx!

Jamie Foxx is like a brother to me. He's one of the most generous, funny, brilliant men I know. Jamie is so talented and knows just how to make JR, and I laugh. He has an infectious personality. You just can't stay away from him when he's around. Happy birthday, Jamie!…
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Weekend Links

The week after convention has been such a whirlwind. JR and I have headed back to Greenwich to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Trust me, we were ready for it! MAIC2017 was such a great event, but I'm ready to settle down this weekend. What are your plans post MAIC2017?…
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