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Global Style: Summer Vacation in Miami

What are your summer plans? I'll be traveling all summer long! I love visiting new places and experiencing new things. You learn so much while traveling—especially about style. Every city has it's own look and style is a big part of that. People dress differently depending on where you're from!…
Inspirational songs

6 Inspirational Songs to Uplift Your Soul

When I’m feeling down and out nothing makes me feel better than zoning out to some music. There is something about the way a song can speak to your soul and allow you look at things with a positive perspective. Whether you’re experiencing stress from work, dealing with heartbreak or…
inspiring quotes

15 Inspiring Quotes to Live By

Life comes with its share of ups and downs, but taking it all in stride and making the best of it matters the most. As much as we would like to have all the answers- we don’t. It doesn’t mean that we can’t learn a lesson from difficult times. Living…
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