What Is a Micro-Influencer Anyway?

The new kid on the block this year in the influencer marketing realm is the micro-influencer. They're your everyday girl or boy next door, who has accumulated an engaged following on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter whose online presence tends to revolve around a particular passion or niche. How many followers…
Chelsea Tresidder Uses the Thrill Me Palette, thrill me, influencer, get the look, motives

Chelsea Tresidder Uses the Thrill Me Palette

Today, we have another influencer using Motives® Cosmetics. The gorgeous Chelsea Tresidder of @chelseasmakeup played with the Thrill Me Palette for the ultimate spring look full of bright shades and pops of color. Learn what the Thrill Me palette can do for you! Beauty advisors, we love to share these…
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