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5 Foods That Are Making You Bloated

You've been working out steadily, avoiding junk foods, and passing on the sugary drinks. So why are you still feeling bloated? Even if you're eating well, there are still some nutritional options that can trigger bloating and leave you feeling just as full and paunchy as if you'd had a…

10 Foods that Help Fight Breast Cancer

When it comes to fighting breast cancer, research has proven that what you put into your body actually matters. From healthy eating habits to getting a good amount of exercise each day, you can make a difference in your own health! Taking care of your body is number one, so…
greek yogurt

8 Benefits of Greek Yogurt for Women

  Izabella Miko Yoplait Greek Yogurt Have you heard of the awesome benefits of Greek yogurt for women?  The popularity of Greek yogurt has gained momentum within the past two years.  Not only does Greek yogurt taste delicious but carries many benefits in each serving. Greek yogurt is also versatile…
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