you're not happy

3 Signs You're Not Happy with Your Life

Too many people simply exist rather than living, and that's really sad - what a waste of a life. Living a life that doesn't fulfill your soul or your life aspirations is spiritual suicide. Here are 3 signs you're not happy with your life. 3 Signs You're Not Happy with…

Life Hack: How to Be Happy

Everybody always asks if you have a good career, if you're married, if you have children - like life is a grocery list. Why does no one ever ask us if we are happy? Finding happiness is the Holy Grail of our existence. You can accomplish happiness by identifying and…

Want happiness? Hire a maid and order takeout more

The pursuit of happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Whether it comes from your career, friendships, relationships or success as a whole, everyone is searching for the holy grail of life – happiness! Happiness, of course, means entirely different things to different people. Some people dream of becoming a…
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