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50 Reasons Why Life is Fantastic

Wow. The world is in a tough place right now. From the hurricanes in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida, to the wildfires on the west coast, to the earthquake in Mexico….I could go on. It’s been a tough few weeks. With all of that happening in the world, it’s easy…
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5 Ways to Make Happiness Your Priority

There is absolutely no doubt that everyone goes through ups and downs in life. Some years everything just goes your way, you’re flying high and honestly, almost nothing can get you down. But, there are other years when everything feels like an uphill battle. You struggle with your day-to-day and…
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4 Ways to Feel Simply Happy

Feeling happy seems harder and harder these days. It seems as though many of us are trying to accumulate new things rather than gain new experiences. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes products come into your world and end up changing your life. But, when you start to think that a…
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