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Flora Melts Available Now!

When DNA Miracles introduced their new Flora Melts at MAWC 2019, I was ecstatic! Amber and Duane worked so hard to get these just right for you guys. I'm so proud. Great news! DNA Miracles® Flora Melts are now here! Flora Melts are a delicious dietary supplement for children, delivering…
New DNA Miracles Products: Flora Melts, flora, flora melts, dna, dna miracles, mawc2019

New DNA Miracles Products: Flora Melts

The newest product to join our line of DNA goodies is our DNA Miracles® Flora Melts. These amazing pre and probiotics promote stomach health for your little ones! Introduced by Dr. Deedra Mason, Director of Clinical Education and Research is the exciting DNA Miracles® Flora Melts; a delicious melt delivering…