public speaking hacks

4 Powerful Public Speaking Hacks

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking. I do it a lot, so I'm confident when I walk out on the stage, but I still get a little nervous some days. Read on to discover my top four public speaking hacks to slay your stage speech. 4 Powerful Public Speaking Hacks 1.…
career progression

5 Skills Critical for Career Progression

Your technical knowledge will only take you so far in your career. There comes the point where you won't be able to advance further without possessing one or all of the below five skills critical for career progression. 5 Skills Critical for Career Progression 1. Influencing Skills When you can…
female founders

Female Founders: How to Handle Rejection

Starting a business will be the most challenging, exciting, emotional yet rewarding journey you've ever encountered. We've all heard the stories about A-List models and actors that were told 'no' multiple times before their big break. The same happens in the business world. As one of many groundbreaking female founders,…
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