How to Stay Positive While Dating, positivity, dating, staying positive while dating

How to Stay Positive While Dating

Are your dates going nowhere? I have to give it up to you single girls! Bad dates can be harrowing. Getting ghosted can be hurtful. I bet it sometimes feels like going on date after date is getting you nowhere. Don't lose hope, single girls! I believe that you deserve…
Is the Answer to Bad Dating Apps?, dating apps, mccoy, mccoy, loren, dating, life, and work

Is This the Answer to Bad Dating Apps?

Is this the answer to bad dating apps? SXSW is an all-in-one festival for technology, film, and music. Software creators, movie makers, and bands come together to show off their innovations, films, and songs all in Austin, Texas. One group that made a splash this year were the creators of…
Have You Heard of Slow Dating?, slow dating, dating, single, relationships, life

Have You Heard of Slow Dating?

I know so many friends and family members who are on dating apps. I think it's great that people are using new age technology to meet in such unique ways but I find a lot of my single friends complaining. They're annoyed of how quickly things move in the dating…
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