Love Yourself: Why You're More Than Enough

Everyone experiences rejection at some point in their lifetime, whether that be via your high school crush or failing the interview for your dream job. Rebuff can eat away at your ability to love yourself, so it's vital to work on self-love strategies throughout your lifetime to counteract whatever the…

6 Overnight Tricks to Boost Your Confidence Levels

Confidence is a must-have asset to achieve happiness and success. If you were born shy, you wouldn't necessarily stay shy. Life experiences, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and confidence-building workshops or books can all help you grow your confidence. #1. Get Healthy Eating well and regular exercise will…
Self-Care: The Ultimate Playlist for Confidence, confidence, loren, loren ridinger, high vibes, self-care

Self-Care: The Ultimate Playlist for Confidence

When I hit the MAWC 2019 stage, I was nervous. I may seem confident and self-assured every time I make my speech, but honestly, it's hard getting up there and talking to so many people. I'm only human! I need all the confidence I can muster. I use breathing techniques…
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