The Biggest Baby Names in 2019, baby, baby names in 2019, 2019 baby names

The Biggest Baby Names in 2019

So many women get pregnant in December making this month a big one for expectant parents! It begs the question, what baby names will make it big in 2019? Brit+Co used Nameberry to see what names are more popular this year than this time last year. They chose 30 names…
dna miracles

DNA Miracles: Love Your Little Ones

I could not be prouder of Amber and Duane for the remarkable heights they've achieved with DNA Miracles. Their presentation today at MAWC2018 was spellbinding - as always! The crowd waited eagerly for Amber and Duane to unveil the hotly anticipated new app for this magical brand. You're all going…
christmas gifts new mom

Christmas Gifts for New Mommas

Although Christmas to me is mostly about sharing quality time with friends and family, the importance of well-thought-out Christmas gifts is equally significant to me. The gift of giving is selfless, and I love to see my grandkids' little faces light up with delight on Christmas Day morning. I love…
6 Brilliant Pre and PostNatal Health Tips, market America,, pregnant, pregnancy, baby, prenatal, postnatal, baby, dna, dna miracles®, dna miracles

6 Brilliant Pre and PostNatal Health Tips

Pre and postnatal health are so important for a happy, healthy pregnancy and newborn baby, which is why I am SO proud of my inspiring daughter Amber, and the amazing new heights she is continuously taking the DNA Miracles brand. 6 Brilliant Pre and PostNatal Health Tips The products in…
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