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Quick Ideas for the Ultimate Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalism has lately taken over virtually every industry one can think of. Many companies are adjusting their logos and slogans just to mimic their competitors who are blindly following this trend. One of the industries most significantly affected by the sudden minimalism craze is the male fashion industry.

While some people scoff at those following a minimalist lifestyle, you can use a few items from the minimalist wardrobe without making yourself look kitschy. All you need to do is find a nice balance between eliminating clutter and finding a spot for all the essentials.

Below, we list a few quick ideas you can use to create the ultimate minimalist wardrobe. They range from going for classic designs, buying versatile clothing, focusing on neutral colors, getting rid of everything you do not wear anymore, and choosing quality over quantity. Let’s go through them one by one.

Invest in Classic Designs

There are few things more timeless than clothes with well-established design elements. The most important thing here is to pick a classic look and not a trendy one. You need to go for clothes that have been around for decades, if not centuries. This is a great start for your minimalist wardrobe. For example, a simple white shirt will work regardless of the season as long as you pair it with a good jacket.

The same goes for your accessories as well, as they will always work as long as they match the color of your clothes. For example, dark-colored shoes or belts can be paired with virtually any outfit, no matter their color.

Some of the most classic clothing designs are peak lapel navy coats, braces, and double-breasted suits. Other classic pieces include Oxford shirts, denim jeans, aviator sunglasses, Chelsea boots, and pilot watches.

It doesn’t matter if you like Off-White, Burberry, or Gucci, you can’t go wrong with the classic designs.

Buy Versatile Clothing

The next step is to buy versatile clothing. This means you have to ask yourself whether you will be able to use an item for various occasions. Then, try to pick one that can be used regardless of the season, place, time of day, and type of activity.

Versatility is an important aspect when it comes to creating a minimalist wardrobe. If you focus on buying versatile clothes, you will only need a few items to create different outfits. One of the best ways to make sure you get versatility is by buying clothes that do not have prominent logos or patterns.

Examples of versatile clothing items include plain T-shirts, white button-down shirts, baseball caps, khaki pants, and grey flannel trousers. They are easy to combine with one another, and they can be paired with various pieces from your minimalist wardrobe.

Wear Neutral Colors

Another important thing you need to do is to focus on neutral colors. Essentially, this means opting for choices such as black, white, grey, and navy blue. Apart from these, you could also use other subtle colors such as shades of brown as well as some brighter ones – shades of green or yellow.

Avoid using bright colors as they might catch people’s eye, and thus you might end up drawing more attention to yourself than you would like to. It is always better to opt for more muted tones and darker shades as they tend to be more appropriate in most cases.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

The next step is to get rid of everything you do not wear anymore. This means all those old clothes and accessories you have been keeping for years because you might need them one day. The only thing you need to do here is to take a realistic look at your wardrobe and decide whether you will use those items again or not. This will allow you to create more space for other things while also improving the overall look of your wardrobe.

You should focus on decluttering your wardrobe season after season. Going through your closet every season is a great way to get rid of everything you have not chosen for an outfit.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Another great idea for creating your ultimate minimalist wardrobe is to choose quality over quantity. If you are going to buy something, then select only the best quality possible.

It is very tempting to buy cheap clothes, but this strategy will backfire in the long run. Instead, you should purchase fewer items that can last for many years to come. Fewer pieces will also give you more occasions to wear and mix them until they wear out.

For instance, you do not need to have ten pairs of shoes just because they are cheap. Instead, opt for one or two high-quality pairs of shoes that will go well with most of your outfits.

Get a Well-Fitted Suit

If you really want to create a minimalist wardrobe, then consider getting a well-fitted suit. While some guys are trying to completely eliminate suits from their closets, opting for more casual looks, you can never look wrong in the classic. Just make sure the suit fits well and has subtle details that work for you.

Closing Thoughts

Minimalism is an exciting trend that has taken over men’s fashion. There are many ways to create the ultimate minimalist wardrobe. You can start by buying classic clothes, creating versatile outfits, wearing neutral colors, and purchasing high-quality quality items. These are just some quick ideas you can use to create your own minimalist wardrobe.

It is important to note, however, that you do not need to go completely minimalist if you want to create an excellent wardrobe for yourself. The key is being smart about the clothing you buy and the overall process of developing your own style.


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