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How to Rock the Denim on Denim Style

The denim on denim style is a tricky topic in the fashion community. Some people love it while some people hate it. No matter what the fashion gurus say, though, double-denim outfits have a lasting alluring quality. After all, both average folk and well-known celebrities still wear the denim on denim style today.

If you wish to try wearing denim on denim, you can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans and a denim jacket coupled with a crisp white shirt and light-colored sneakers. It is the classic go-to denim look.

If, however, you wish to rock the double-denim style, you need to explore beyond the classic and try out other styling methods. To get you started, here are some easy tips that will help you conquer double-denim fashion.

Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Denim on Denim

Before you start wearing denim leggings and jackets together, it’s smart to learn the following do’s and don’ts first. After all, the last thing you want is a fashion faux pas. Remember that you can always break these rules after developing a better sense of matching denim clothes. But for now, let’s learn the guidelines first.

Play with Different Denim Shades and Styles

When you think of denim clothes, the first articles of clothing that come to mind are jeans and jackets. But denim clothes cover a wide variety of types and styles. There are dresses, shorts, corsets, and even coats made of denim. The fabric extends to accessories as well, like bags, collars, and shoes.

Have fun matching different articles of denim clothing to find the style you feel suits you best. You never know; maybe denim jumpsuits will be your next fashion signature.

Limit Denim Items to Two

If you’re just dipping your toes into the double-denim fashion, it’s advisable to start with just two items of denim first. It could be a clothing on clothing combo or a clothing and accessory combo.

And don’t worry about looking plain. As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of denim clothes available, so you’ll never run out of combos to try. In terms of color, it’s best to stick to a single color or different washes of the same color for a more unified look.

Once you get a better feel of matching clothes and become more confident in wearing denim combos, you can try going for a full denim maximalist style with denim bottoms, tops, coats, and even accessories. As the saying goes, “It’s all about confidence.”

Explore Beyond Blue Denim Colors

Blue denim is a classic color, but you don’t always need to wear blue if you want to pull a double-denim look. Denim garments come in all colors and shades, including white, black, and even pastel colors. Because of its variety, you can always find a way to include denim in your signature looks.

For example, if goth fashion is your thing, matching black denim jeans and a coat with a corset top. Complementing the look with black lipstick is sure to turn heads around. Meanwhile, white denim jeans paired with a black denim shirt are something you can wear in an office setting. Pair them with a neutral-colored clutch bag and shoes, and your outfit will exude elegance and class.

Have Fun with Distressed Details

Just as denim comes in different colors, it’s no surprise that they come in different styles. Some denim garments have rips, knots, and strings that give them an edgy look. Others use mixed-wash denim fabrics, giving these clothes a patched-up look and turning them into instant statement pieces.

If you decide to use such a detailed piece, limit the styled denim item to one so it can be the centerpiece of your outfit. Too many distressed details, ironically, can get cluttered and make less of an impact. As such, the outfit becomes messy to look at rather than being cool and funky.

Avoid Going for the Wild West Look

The double-denim style is commonly associated with images of the Wild West. Unless you wish to look like you’re wearing a costume, it’s advisable to avoid using accessories and footwear that looks like something from a Western film. Leave the cowboy hats, boots, and other similar accessories for attending a rodeo.

Common Double-Denim Outfit Matches

Now that you have an idea of the double-denim do’s and don’ts, here are some of the most popular ways you can match and style your double-denim outfit.

Matching Light-Wash with Dark-Wash Denim

The mix between light and dark denim makes a beautiful and unified contrast throughout your look. People often wear dark-wash jeans with a light-wash top or vice-versa.

Denim clothes are also commonly matched with garments of the same color. For example, if you plan to use dark pink denim jeans, you can opt for a light denim jacket to go with it.

Breaking the Denim Pattern

Too much denim can wash you out. Unless you’re wearing a jumpsuit or a top-bottom set, wearing top and bottom denim pieces with similar shades can look a bit too much.

Break the pattern by using another piece of clothing for contrast, like a plain cotton shirt with denim jeans and a denim jacket. Neutral-colored clothes like black or white are the mainstays. On the other hand, if you want something with more pizazz, you can always go with a statement piece, like a saturated crop top or bold-colored strapless bra.

Using a Belt to Tighten Your Figure

As with other clothes, you need to consider the silhouette of your denim on a denim outfit. If baggy clothing isn’t your thing, tucking your top into your denim bottoms is a quick way to streamline your figure but it can add bulk to your waistline. Instead, use a belt to cinch your waist while keeping the look sleek and elegant. For this reason, leather belts are a popular accessory for denim lovers who like wide-bottom jeans and long denim coats.

Wearing an Overcoat of Different Material

While it’s not advisable to wear a denim top and bottom together (like a button-down and jeans), there is one effective way to make it work. Just wear a big overcoat made of a different material.

As mentioned before, too much denim can wash you out. But when you put on a large overcoat of another color and material, the overcoat balances the top to toe denim. For denim lovers living in cold areas, this is the styling tip for you.

Choosing a Similar Denim Shade for Accessories

Color coordinating is one of the fun parts of picking your outfit for the day. If you plan to go with a denim clothing and accessory combo, it’s smart to match them based on similar color shades. It makes the outfit look more cohesive, compared to when a denim top is partnered with a denim accessory of a darker wash or different hue. For example, black denim jeans paired with a dark denim bag will look better together than the same pants with a bright blue denim tote.

How to Style a Double Denim Outfit

With so many denim options available, it can feel overwhelming to start mixing and matching clothes. Fortunately, there is a tried-and-tested method that you can use to make the process easier.

First, take a piece of denim clothing that is difficult to match. It can be a ripped jacket or a mixed-wash button-down. Use it as the base of your outfit, and partner it with denim garments that are easier to coordinate. In this manner, your denim clothes will go better with each other and feel more like a matched set rather than disjointed pieces.

Rocking the denim on denim style is tough, but it’s not impossible. With a few guidelines and the willingness to discover something new, you can surely create denim outfits that are chic, modern, and fashion forward.


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