Thrifting Masterclass With Fiercely Thriftin’®

Veronica Canales of Fierecely Thriftin’ has got more style in her pinky than most of us possess in our whole being. It’s almost no wonder that thrifted items look so good on her. She rocks them with a modern edge that speaks to her own unique style. According to her, it’s all about inspiration.

“I make my pieces look modern because I am a fan of Coco Chanel, Balmain, Vetements, Iris Apfel, Solange Knowles, Nick Wooster, The Native Fox, 5inch and Up, The Haute Pursuit – the list could go on. But, I get inspiration from all of them.”

That’s why I had to get her expert thrifting advice. Trust me, the girl knows what she’s talking about. Read on to learn more!

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When it comes to finding the right store, Veronica has got you covered.

“Well, ALL thrift stores have hidden gems but, for me, it’s all about the ambiance, fitting rooms, and sales. When you’ve thrifted a good chunk of your life, you start to pick up on these things.”

So, what are her favorite thrift stores?
“For me it’s about whether or not I can try clothes on but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and try it on in public because some thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms or they’re too full to try anything on. The key is to go in wearing fitted comfortable clothes to try things on over your own clothes.”

When planning a thrifting trip, I wondered whether it’s better to go with something in mind or simply winging it? According to Veronica, it doesn’t matter! it’s all about your style and preference.

“It honestly depends what you’re thrifting for or if you’re just going thrifting for the experience. Now, I usually go thrifting and wing it because that’s how I am. Unless, I have some type of event coming up then I go with something in mind. For example, I’ll look at my favorite designers, stylists, favorite clothing stores online and find that inspiration. You can print it out and bring it along.”

Since you’re shopping second hand, you aren’t always going to find pieces that fit to your body type or the exact style you want. Veronica tailors her looks with the help of trusty YouTube tutorials

“I still watch some YouTube videos that teach you and show you the steps to learn how to distress some jeans, shorts, jackets, and how to bleach them as well to give your clothing that acid wash look. It takes time but you’re saving that money girllllll.”

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