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Which Celebrity Won Halloween 2019?

celebrity costumes, halloween 2019

How was your Halloween 2019? Ours was lovely! The little ones wore some sweet costumes for Trick or Treating. Amber went out to Kendall Jenner’s birthday Halloween party as a Bratz Doll. She looked amazing! Some of my friends went all out this Halloween in incredible costumes. Want to find out who won Halloween 2019? Find out who made the cut below!

Which Celebrity Won Halloween 2019?

Honorable mentions:

Hailey Bieber dressed up as Lola Bunny from Space Jam! She really pulled out all the stops and looked adorable.

Kendall Jenner was a wood nymph for her Halloween birthday party! Check her out below!

Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson wore a Cruella DeVil and Dalmatian costume. So cute!

La la went all out as Maleficent last night! Check her out below!


Kim K West

Kim Kardashian won Halloween with two amazing costumes! She wore an Elle Woods costume and even recreated Elle Woods Harvard admissions essay video. Check it out below.

For family a more family-friendly look, she and her little ones dressed up as the Flintstones.

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