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Lili Reinhart’s Red Carpet Style is Changing the Game

Lili Reinhart's Red Carpet Style is Changing the Game, red carpet, riverdale, celebrity style, loren, loren ridinger, lili reinhart, style, red carpet fashion

Lili Reinhart’s red carpet style is changing the game. She started off as a fresh-faced ingenue on the show Riverdale. Now that the show is several seasons in and nowhere near stopping in popularity, Lili’s red carpet style has transformed. She wears figure-hugging pieces that show off her figure as well as her sense of style. She’s not afraid to make a splash on the red carpet, wearing bright colors and larger than life silhouettes. Her style is still more romantic than edgy but that doesn’t take away from her presence. Check out some of her most notable looks below!

Lili Reinhart’s Red Carpet Style is Changing the Game


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