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Why 'Phubbing' Is Ruining Your Life


'Phubbing' is the latest label for people who mostly ignore those around them in social and work situations, opting to stare at their phones instead.

1. Social Affects

The act of 'phubbing' describes the people around you, perceiving the quality of your interaction and relationship negatively. It's a form of social exclusion caused by our smartphone-reliant lifestyles that can have negative impacts on relationships.

2. Workplace Affects

In study results published by MarketWatch, 76% of workers who thought their boss snubbed them for a smartphone said they had less trust in their supervisor. A mountainous 75% found their work to be less psychologically meaningful. Results went on to conclude that 'phubbing' causes a decrease in employee engagement, which is a big problem for businesses.

The Conclusion?

Put your phone down when you're in meetings or spending time with loved ones. Using your phone during these times is perceived as the modern-day equivalent of the same lack of social etiquette as using your phone at the dinner table.

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