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Part 2: How to Become an Instagram Influencer

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A huge part of becoming an Instagram influencer is knowing how to pitch yourself to brands. Create a media kit that gives people an insight into what you're passionate about, and a breakdown of your followers including age, gender, location, and their interests.

Part 2: How to Become an Instagram Influencer
1. Pitch brands you love directly.

Create a list of brands you'd love to collaborate with who reflect your interests, morals, and values. Check out the company's 'About Us' page to get a clear understanding of their brand tone, then look for their relevant team members via LinkedIn or email them directly.

Write an appealing subject line tailored to their products or services, for example, 'Feature (brand name) in the Top 5 Holiday Gift Guide.' Always include your (hyperlinked) Instagram username, engagement rate, monthly views, audience demographics, and sales highlights from brands you've partnered with in the past. Keep it short and snappy! Answer all of their potential questions before they have to ask; make their lives easy, and you will be seen as an asset. Detail a few of the brands you've collaborated with, and tell them why you're excited to partner with their label.

If you don't hear back within a week, reach out to someone else at the company with a slightly tweaked pitch.

2. Join an influencer platform.

Muses is a great platform to start with as the app connects entrepreneurs and brands with influencers. Apply to become an influencer for the brands that interest you. Be specific in your bio; tell brands precisely who you want to work with and why. Influencers with no focus hold little value.

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