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Instagram Update: Why You Need to Get to Know Alt Text

ALT text

Instagram is forever updating its algorithm to keep the user experience fresh and exciting. The latest update is ALT text, and it's a bit of a game changer that you want to get to know ASAP.

Instagram Update: Why You Need to Get to Know Alt Text
What is ALT Text?

This latest upgrade is the alternative text to your photo for when your photo doesn't load correctly. Users will be able to read your alternative text instead. Alternative text is an SEO trick used for many years for websites to perform better and be more visible to search engines, and now Instagram is offering us the same SEO opportunities so that your content is more visible on Instagram AND Google.

Why Add ALT Text to Your Posts?

This feature also helps the Instagram algorithm to "see" your photo, so that they show your post to more people who engage with and like your kind of content. This is a definite win in terms of helping your posts get seen by more of your target audience.

How to Add ALT text to Your Photos

1. Upload a photo as usual.

2. Press 'Advanced Settings.'

3. Choose 'Write ALT text.'

4. Describe what's in your photo. For example, 'Loren Ridinger delivering opening speech to 20K entrepreneurs at the Market America Winter Conference in Miami 2018.'

5. You can go back and add this SEO trick to older photos by clicking the 3 dots at the top right of your photos "…" - choose edit, then 'Add ALT text.'

How to Slay the Captions

There is a character limit of 100 characters, so choose your keywords wisely.

Will you be incorporating this new feature into your 2019 social media strategy? Tweet me @lorenridinger.