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Instagram Hacks You Need to Know for 2020

instagram hacks

Instagram is continuously evolving at a rapid pace. Every time you learn a new trick, another ten are popping up overnight. Here are the Instagram hacks you need to know for 2020 (so far!)

1. Copy & Paste

Copy and Paste your photos into your Instagram Story. Such a useful, time-saving tip. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial.

2. Creators Account

Settings > Account > Switch to Creator Account. Choose your niche from blogger or actor to DJ or designer and everything in between. Say hello to lots of creative new features to showcase your talent to the Instagram world.

3. Question Stickers

When you ask a question followers reply to, you can flick through the answers and screenshot the answers and paste on one page. You can even add colors to let followers know when they get the right/wrong answer, which is a definite push for engagement.

Which Instagram hacks are you going to try this year? Tweet me @lorenridinger. Stay tuned for lots more Instagram features coming soon to my blog to help you hack the algorithm and grow your brand on Instagram. There are going to be lots of exciting updates to catch up with over the next twelve months.