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How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions

engaging instagram captions

It's all about microinfluencers this year as Instagram continues to maintain the top place as the most powerful social media platform. Due to the ever-evolving algorithm, it's more critical than ever to ensure you are writing engaging Instagram captions to entice users to raise their index finger and press like; or better still, be engaged enough to leave a comment.

How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions
1. Get visual.

Use a relevant emoji to communicate the message in your caption and capture attention as people scroll by the billions of posts made on Instagram every day.

2. Write with intent.

Start your caption with an engaging CTA (Call To Action) because only the first few words of your caption show up in your followers' feeds now. You can start with a short and snappy question related to your image content. People love to share their opinions on social media, as we all know. Tell users what you want them to do and give them direct instructions like 'Click the link in my bio for a free…'

3. Know your tribe.

Share quotes that resonate with your brand tone and values, and those of your followers.

4. Write with purpose.

Use captions that encourage users to comment and/or tag their friends.

5. Keep things pretty.

Try and avoid using hashtags in your captions to make your captions easily readable. Add 1-3 hashtags at the end of your caption to convey the vibe of your post, and stick the remaining 20-27 hashtags in the first comment to keep your posts eye-pleasing.

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