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3 Marketing Lessons We Can All Learn from DJ Khaled

Father of Asahd

From sharing inspirational messages to cruising in his car listening to unreleased tunes, and giving his followers a glimpse into his everyday life, DJ Khaled's social media presence is marketing goals. My brother is the embodiment of everything it means to be a social media marketing genius in 2019. I'm beyond excited for Khaled's best album to date, Father of Asahd, to finally drop this Friday, May 17, and to be collaborating with him on the hottest album digital download of 2019 with SHOP.COM and Isotonix. After all, health is wealth! They don't want us to be great, so we're going to be great! Here are 3 marketing lessons we can all learn from the best marketing guru.

1. You need a quality product.

Khaled always nails marketing efforts because the music and everything else he endorses is top quality. That's why he partnered with our Isotonix products; he knows quality. Khaled can't help but win because he invests his time and energy in innovative brands that offer the highest quality, while he's not in the studio making hit after hit with the most powerful musicians in the world.

2. You need passion.

DJ Khaled works with brands and projects he's passionate about, which is why he always wins and makes history. When you're passionate about something, you whole-heartedly believe in it, and you sell that enthusiasm and belief. Naming his game-changing album digital download Father of Asahd tells his story of love, passion, and growth around becoming a father.

3. You need to connect with your followers.

A quick glimpse at Khaled's social media pages shortly before an album release unveils the fact he is the ultimate king of modern marketing. He shares every piece of the story behind each album, he captures the emotions invested by every musician who collaborates on his tunes, and he describes the science behind selecting the artists to feature on his hit songs. As we all know by now, establishing an emotional connection with your target audience is the key to successful marketing.

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