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7 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Today

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Whatever brand you're building on Instagram, you're likely to have many existing followers that will likely follow you on Instagram too. Work your way down the checklist below and tick off all of the boxes one by one, sit back and watch your Instagram followers increase over the next twenty-four hours.

7 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers Today

1. Send a personalized email to your mailing list letting them know you're on Instagram, and what benefits you're offering followers. Remember to include a hyperlinked screenshot of your profile to add some visual attraction to the email.

2. Analyze your email analytics. Send a second email with an alternative subject line to all recipients who didn't open your email last time.

3. Create a blog from your newsletter - great for SEO.

4. Share links to your Instagram profile across all of your other social media pages including Facebook and LinkedIn. Add benefits to following you on Instagram. For example, contests and giveaways are strong hooks to encourage people to take action.

5. If people opt-in to your newsletters and special offers online via a pop-up box on your website, they'll likely follow you too. Add a linked 'Follow Me' button to your thank you page.

6. Always add your Instagram button to your website and email signature so that your site visitors and contacts can quickly and easily follow you.

7. Instagram handle not added on your business cards? Order new ones. Instagram is stealing the show right now.

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