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5 New Social Media Features You Should Be Using

May 15th, 2017

Are you feeling like social media is changing faster than you can keep up with? It probably is! Each and every day developers and social media platforms are evolving their channels to make them more unique, more interesting, more interactive and more advanced – and keeping up with all the changes is a job in itself! Despite the rapid changes, there are some tactics that will probably never change – like having unique and interesting content as the basis of your social media strategy and that engagement rules as one of the best ways to grow your presence on social platforms. Keeping those two keys in your back pocket is essential no matter what happens along the way. From mobile optimization to watching video rule, here’s a look at five new social media features you should be using.

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5 New Social Media Features You Should Be Using

#1. Get off your desktop and go mobile. If you haven’t noticed, nearly all social platforms have made a pretty solid transition from desktop to mobile and you can do pretty much anything you need to on the go. Don’t be hesitant to update your social media accounts wherever you are – it’s one of the best ways to keep your clients and customers engaged.

#2. Embrace video. This one can be a little daunting for anyone who hasn’t really dipped their toes into shooting video – it’s intimidating! But, here’s the thing: it’s really not hard and you can definitely get in on the video action. Between all the opportunities for live video interactions and video that you can shoot right from your smart phone and edit later – what’s holding you back? It’s one of the easiest ways to give your customers and clients the inside scoop and get to know you a little better. Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are two of the best ways to test this out.

#3. LinkedIn made some huge changes earlier this year and the whole platform looks new. If you haven’t embraced LinkedIn yet – now is the time. Build your online professional profile and get networking. This platform will set you apart from the rest and is the perfect opportunity to find new ways to build your business. Don’t walk, run – straight to your computer or mobile device to make sure you’re getting in on a piece of the LinkedIn action.

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#4. Using social platforms to create event invites. One of the easiest ways to set up an invite and get all your favorite people on board – both Facebook and Google+ have great invite features. You can customize, invite anyone you’d like, track attendees and even interact along the way. Want to host a BBQ where everyone brings something? Set it up on one of these channels and each guest can let the rest of the party know what they plan to bring.

#5. Adding multiple photos to Instagram. Ever feel like one photo at a time just doesn’t do your Instagram post justice? Well, in case you missed it – that’s all changed with Instagram’s multiple image upload feature. You can easily create a small album or show multiple pieces of a story by uploading a few photos to one post. Your viewers can swipe through your collection of photos – giving the full story rather than just a snippet.

Have you been taking advantage of all these new social media features while also making sure to stick with the best practices of great content and lots of engagement?

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