Gift Guide for the Sister-In-Law Who Loves Luxury


Head to SHOP.COM for all your holiday needs! My sister-in-law, Maria Checa is a relaxed and easy-going woman but we all know she loves her luxury items.

I wanted to put together a little gift guide to help you with your loved ones who love all things lux! You don't have to spend a lot to purchase that one-of-a-kind gift for your friends or family members. Don't believe me? Read on for more!

Gift Guide for the Sister-In-Law Who Loves Luxury

Lumière de Vie® Retinol Crème, SHOP.COM, $60.00- Our newest Lumiere de Vie product is amazing and gives you baby soft, youthful looking skin. Plus it comes in the most luxurious-feeling packaging out there!

Gift Guide for the Sister-In-Law Who Loves Luxury

Versace Collection Women's Genuine Leather Designer Satchel Handbag, SHOP.COM, $429.99- For a gift your sister-in-law will never forget, buy her a designer handbag. I love this piece because it's classic and in a color you can't-miss.

Gift Guide for the Sister-In-Law Who Loves Luxury

18K/Sterling Silver 50mm Hoop Earrings, SHOP.COM, $50.99- These sterling silver hoops will make the ultimate stocking stuffer! Add these to your bag and you won't regret it.

Chloe Absolu De Parfum 1.7 oz / 50 ml For Women Limited Edition, SHOP.COM, $56.99- Would you consider buying your sister-in-law a fragrance? This scent is floral, feminine, and I know Maria will love it! Check it out below.

Set of 2 Clear Modern Christmas Tree with Gold Glitter Tabletop Decors, SHOP.COM, $169.00- These make for a lovely addition to the home! This tabletop fits Maria's home decor and it's perfect for the holidays. Would you buy this piece?

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