SHOP.COM Featured in Fox Business

SHOP.COM Featured in Fox Business, fox business

Fox Business featured SHOP.COM in a very interesting article about how eCommerce websites are moving to a "click to pay" option. According to the article, this model will make more sales and help consumers make decisions while shopping online. As we'll be rolling out our "click to pay" option in December, the article quoted Eddie Alberty, our VP of Strategic Partnerships.

SHOP.COM Featured in Fox Business

According to Eddie, "Delivering solutions to merchants that enable greater levels of security and convenience for consumers is essential for enabling commerce," says Eddie Alberty, vice president of strategic partnerships, SHOP.COM, "With Secure Remote Commerce, we aim to offer standards to merchants that reduce friction of guest checkout."

Well said, Eddie! UFOs, be sure to share this article on social. Show customers how we're at the forefront of something major along with other well-known companies. We're so excited to bring this to you! Read the full article here.