WATCH: Marc Ashley for VOGUE Taiwan

WATCH: Marc Ashley Interviews with VOGUE Taiwan

My brother (and COO & President of Market America Global) Marc Ashley recently had an incredible interview with VOGUE Taiwan. I had to share this video and behind-the-scenes look of his recent photo shoot while in Taipei. Marc is so committed to this company and it's always inspiring to hear him speak about the growth and direction of our company.

We are all so proud of the growth Market Taiwan has experienced. In his interview, Marc shares with VOGUE Taiwan that the message he'd like to share with the Taiwan Market is that "the company is just continuing to grow. When you're seeing 20 to 30 percent growth numbers on a consistent basis, it's fabulous."

WATCH: Marc Ashley Interviews with VOGUE Taiwan

Marc Ashley for VOGUE Taiwan

Marc always looks incredibly stylish. But to hear him speak is to witness the magic behind the growth of this company. He is as committed to Market America and Market Taiwan as ever. Watch the video below to see Marc Ashley's interview with VOGUE Taiwan.