MAIC 2017 Makes the News Once Again

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It may have been a month since we set Greensboro on fire with all the excitement from MAIC 2017, but that doesn't mean the buzz is over. Haley Rothwell of the California Blog recently hit the blog with a post all about convention. Check out the full post here.

MAIC 2017 Makes the News Once Again

Rothwell had some great things to say about the event. She mad sure to go over all the highlights, including some of my speeches.

"Loren Ridinger’s speech “You’re Not That Busy” drove home the fact that nobody’s too busy to prioritize their time. She pointed to the million dollar earners in the Market America Convention 2017 crowd and said that they worked for it. “Excuses are simply excuses, and they protect your ego so you don’t have to try”, Ridinger put it. Oftentimes, she said, we work for someone we don’t even like. We enter robot-mode at work to be able to provide for the people we love. We listen to those negative people in our circle of friends and family who tell us we can’t achieve our goals. To grow, Ridinger reinforced, “You speak above it, you build yourself up.” When we don’t prioritize our time and we continue to work an uninspired nine-to-five, we’re not living. When we speak above it and we work from a place of passion instead of money, we drive that momentum forward."

According to Rothwell, "One of the fundamental pillars to success as a Market America UnFranchise owner is consistent attendance of Market America gatherings." She's right. You have to keep coming out. Bring your team, bring your family, Do what you can to make it to these events.

I'm so proud anytime convention makes the news. Keep up the good work, guys! We're only going to keep growing from here.