ExpressPay Feature in the News

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It's always an honor to hear news like this. Digital Commerce 360 recently spoke to my brother Steve Ashley about SHOP.COM's ExpressPay feature. We wanted to make it easy for customers to shop online. That's why, when you download the ExpressPay feature, you go from 4 or 5 clicks down to 2. It's that simple.

SHOP.COM in the News

express pay, expresspay feature, digital world 360, press, news

According to Steve, “If you go to any one-click checkout and ask 10 or 15 people to go through and use it, you will see an instant fear with those people,” he says. “They’ll really have to stop and think about it. And often they’ll say, ‘Oh, I don’t know how much is in my cart,’ or, ‘I don’t know how much they’re charging me for this.’ We don’t want people to have to think before they check out.”

Since rolling out the ExpressPay feature, our customers have been pleased. In the article, written by Stefany Zaroban, our ExpressPay method is compared to Amazon's one-click formula. We thought that one click wasn't enough. We wanted our customers to feel comfortable while online shopping, which is why I discovered the two-click technology to be best for online shoppers.

"The Express Pay option was the result of a four-month discovery and development process at during which the retailer surveyed customers, observed their on-site behavior and tested multiple options. considered adding a one-click checkout option for consumers."

I love hearing news like this. It's important to me and to this company, which is why you should go ahead and read the full article here.

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