10 Brand Tagline Mistakes

When used well, taglines can resonate with consumers for years (Nike’s just do it, anyone?). But if done wrong, you can cheapen the brand and do more harm than good. So on that note, here are ten tips from Razor Branding Blog’s Jaci Russo. 1. Bland - Safe and predictable…

Learning to Visualize

I’ve mention visualizing your dreams on LorensWorld a few times. But today I thought, “Maybe not everyone knows how to actually put this into practice.” So, I decided to put together a little exercise that can help you build your visualization muscles. I’m going to walk you through the process…

Forbes Insight - Loren Ridinger

I wanted to share this recent article post with you on Forbes.com publication, Insights, where it talks about embracing the non-text web and also what it is like being an "Unethered Executive." Take some time to review the article. Let me know what you think of the article @lorenridinger  
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