Newsweek Talks to Fat Joe at MAWC 2019

Newsweek Talks to Fat Joe at MAWC 2019, market america world conference 2019, fat joe, newsweek

We started this business to help people achieve their dreams, but we also wanted to make sure to only get people onboard who believe in the business. That's why when we met longtime friend and VP of Urban and Latino Markets, Fat Joe, we knew it was meant to be. Joe became an essential part of the business, and he's been growing with us since.

Newsweek Talks to Fat Joe at MAWC 2019

Last week during Market America World Conference 2019, Joe sat down with Newsweek to talk business and music. So proud of him. He speaks with honesty when it comes to the business. We are a family of entrepreneurs and Joe was the first person to understand that. I love him for it!

When asked about the business, Joe told Newsweek, "what intrigued me most about this was helping others...This is a business where everybody is together. I always say that it shows in our diversity. You have white people, you have Asians, you have blacks, Latinos. We [are] at a funny time now where the country is divided. [Other businesses] can learn a lot from coming to one of our conferences. JR Ridinger discovered a long time ago that once you give people equal opportunity and you give them a chance at financial freedom, all the problems and all the dividing goes away."

Joe further added: "This [company] gives you an equal opportunity regardless of education or whatever. You got to work hard...nothing comes easy."

Thank you, Joe! You're the best in the business and you inspire each of us everyday. It's all about the hustle when it comes to Market America. To read more, be sure to check out Joe's Newsweek article now.