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MA Employee Appointed Chair of Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs

October 12th, 2017

It’s time to take a moment to celebrate a very special employee of the Market America corporate team. Our employees  work so hard to get this company to where it is now. I feel blessed to have such an amazing group of people surrounding me, especially people like Maria Travers. Travers, a member of our legal department who helps facilitate solutions and resolve issues with our international division, was recently appointed the chair of North Carolina’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino affairs. She was chosen by Governor Roy Cooper himself. What an incredible honor!

MA Employee Appointed Chair of Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs

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According to Travers, “After working with the Hispanic/Latino community in Sampson County, NC, I realized that I could serve as the voice of the Hispanic/Latino community and dedicate my time to create a greater impact as a liaison between the Hispanic/Latino community and the North Carolina government. It is an honor to be able to serve Governor Roy Cooper as a member of the first Advisory Committee on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.”

Congrats to you, Maria! I’m so proud of her. She’s definitely an inspiration to me. Watching such an incredible woman take a step further in her career by being honored by the state government gives me so much pride— especially because she’s a member of our Market America/SHOP.COM team. On behalf of everyone at corporate, congrats, Maria! You’ve made us all proud. Moments like these remind me what it’s all about. Keep growing, Maria! xoxo

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