Fempire Goals: Fashion Nova x Cardi B Has Officially Launched

Happy launch day to the one and only Cardi B! I love Cardi! She's got an amazing personality and style. She's what it's all about when it comes to authenticity and it's working for her and her brand. Aside from being a rapper, singer, and social media star, Cardi B is adding designer and entrepreneur to her resume with her second collection with Fashion Nova, Fashion Nova x Cardi B that officially launched last night.

Fempire Goals: Fashion Nova x Cardi B Has Officially Launched

Her collection includes matching sets, skirts, jackets, corsets and biker shorts with names like "I'm In a Boss Mood" and "Boardin' Jets Blazer Jacket." Check it out below.

Boardin' Jets Blazer Dress, Fashion Nova, $69.95

According to W Magazine Cardi's inspiration was "summertime and sexiness."

"My inspiration was summertime vibes and sexiness. I wanted to give a little bit of me and a little bit Fashion Nova. That woman is very sexy and very together, and that’s exactly what I did."

When asked about size inclusivity, Cardi had a lot to say.

"It’s very important to me. I have fans that come in all sizes. I felt like it wouldn’t be fair. I took into consideration that there are things that certain people and certain sizes can’t put on, so I made sure that everything is pleasing for every woman’s body—but still sexy."

Congrats, Cardi! I can't wait to see where your fempire goes next. It all started with a song and now it's blowing up. Who knows where she'll be in a year.