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For driven, ambitious, single women looking for love AND coupled women looking to strengthen their existing relationships, Kavita J Patel provides proven, expert love and relationship one-on-one coaching, programs, and products to help women enjoy finding love so that they can find it faster, and make it last. Kavita has helped hundreds of women to reclaim their love lives, including executives at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, FoxNews, Women’s Health Magazine, and Time Out NY. Visit her at www.kavitajpatel.com.




tamisha-ford-lorens-worldTamisha Ford is an MBA graduate & heart-centered teacher who supports introvert women in developing healthy assertiveness to be more self-expressive in life, love, and work, and live unafraid to pursue their passions. Women thank her for giving them permission to step up into their strengths, own the results & peace they crave in their lives, and understand how to strike the balance between having a unique, personal style that is individual to her and expressing her ideas openly & assertively.  She is the creator of The Introvert Effect, a developing paradigm for helping introverted women with spiritual, assertive, & self-expressive living.





Natasha “Tottie” Weston has always believed that she would have a thriving future in the fashion industry. Most known for her hustler spirit, mogul in the making actions, and her multi-talents, it’s safe to say that Natasha is on the high road of reaching her ultimate success. Natasha is by far a force to be reckoned with. As of today, she’s been featured in an array of blogs, inspiring others, sharing her journey and contributing her thoughts and ideas on the fashion, business,  on the fashion, business, and urney and media and entertainment industries. She has also worked with many names in entertainment and fashion. In the midst of her grind, Natasha has also managed to launch her own blog, “Table Talk with Tottie”. You can catch her on www.TableTalkwithTottie.com weekly, as she brings inspiration, business tips, fashion, beauty, and entertainment to the table. Tottie’s overall goal is to be effective in all that she does!




Alexa Curtis is a sophomore in high school from a small town in Connecticut with big dreams of working at a top fashion magazine. She is a model and writes a fashion blog called A Life in the Fashion Lane. There is nothing else in the world she believes is better than helping people look and feel their best. It's important to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, and Alexa hopes that through her blog others can feel the same way she does towards clothing.








Graduate of the University of Memphis, Allyson always dreamed of being an anchor on a widely popular news show until she discovered her passion for Public Relations. Working in corporate America for several years she was able to nurture many skills that, in turn, aided the business development of WRUG MEDIA GROUP in which she co-owns. Given her fascination with media she knew right away that the idea to start an internet media network would be right up her alley. She is responsible for not only the corporate communications of the organization but the business development. Henderson strongly believes in stepping out on faith and under the mentorship/advisement of fellow publicists she decided to also open her own boutique Public Relations Firm, THE AJH GROUP. Her clients have ranged from fashion designers, production companies, models, entertainment companies to platform hairstylists.