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Actionable Ways to Practice Self-Love

All over the Internet, people are talking about self-love! It seems like the gateway to the best way to live life. I agree and disagree. Practice self-love because you deserve it, not just because it’ll bring you some dream life. There are plenty of websites out there that give good advice when it comes to self-love, but I wanted to bring you actionable ways to practice self-love. Are you ready?

Actionable Ways to Practice Self-Love

Set Up Boundaries and Standards- Write down a list of things you no longer want to do. Are you over hanging out with fake friends? Say “no” when they invite you out. When you follow a list of standards that you stay accountable for, you’re forcing yourself to uphold some personal policies and keep doing things you love.

Do Self-Love Meditations- Studies have shown that meditation can change your brain! There are some great guided meditations that bring you that self-love and self-compassion you need.

Write Down Compliments and More- We all tend to forget how awesome we are! We have so many people in our lives that love and care for us, yet, we’re so hard on ourselves. When a friend gives you a genuine compliment, write it down and read it to yourself when you’re feeling down. Keep a running list of all the things you like about yourself. You’re probably as amazing as everyone thinks you are, you just babe to see it for yourself.

Plan A Self-Care Day- A self-care day is a day where you can focus on yourself. It’s a day where you evaluate your needs and take of them. You can rest and relax, or maybe you can get a massage. Maybe you just feel like you need to organize your space! It’s about you and whatever you need!

Affirm- Remind yourself that you love yourself. Don’t just say it once. Say it throughout the day or every morning. Affirmations are more about changing your beliefs than just repeating a saying. That takes work so repeat it as frequently as you can!


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