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6 Tips On Scoring The Best Travel Deals

Many savvy travelers out there know exactly how to score the deals of a lifetime and that means getting to where they want, when they want. If you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, then having the critical eye essential for finding the deals you need to hit the road means the difference between dreaming about travel and making it happen. From knowing some sweet ways to score killer deals, to using your inner adventurer to get out there and test your travel limits, here’s a look at tips on how to score the best travel deals and make your travel dreams a reality.

1. Know the best days and times to book your travel. Turns out, booking a flight on a Wednesday can often mean the difference between an unaffordable airline ticket and a great deal. The greatest savings are often found when booking after 3pm on Tuesdays or between midnight and 1am on a Wednesday. While it might be tough to hold out – if you really want that ultimate deal, you can do it!

2. Join rewards programs. If you’re a frequent traveler, don’t underestimate the power of rewards programs. The earned points really do add up! Book a lot of travel on a credit card? Apply for a card that rewards its members in the form of airline miles or hotel points. In many cases, you can even earn travel for each dollar you spend!

3. Watch for deals run on social media. Many hotel and resort rewards programs offer extra points for linking up your social media accounts to your rewards account. Often, if you’re willing to tag yourself or check in at qualifying locations, you can even double up on rewards! Different social actions are often worth different levels of points – from tweeting to tagging – you might earn some great travel discounts.

4. Leave luxury behind and hit the road like a traveler, not a tourist. With options out there like Vacation Rental By Owner ( ),, and AirBnB ( ), you can get an experience close to the community and for a price that doesn’t break the bank. You’ll live like a local and get all the comforts of home!

5. If a hotel is more your style, think about traveling midweek rather than a typical weekend getaway. Often times, hotel prices are have substantially lower midweek rates, giving you the opportunity to have that ultimate luxury experience you’re after. Believe it or not, you may even be able to get a great rate as a walk in if you go for a Sunday night.

6. Consider traveling in the off season. While timing is important, getting to travel at any point during the year is a real treat – and if you have to watch your spending, then off season travel is a great option. Many times, tropical locations will still be warm and some other parts of the world are actually extra beautiful when it’s a bit chilly. Consider it an off-beat adventure!

Are you a savvy traveler? What are the tricks you use to score great travel deals?




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