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The 3 Trending Vacation Hotspots Right Now 2018

vacation hotspots right now

I know I just got back from a long trip, but I’m always planning my next getaway – I love exploring the world! Let’s spin the globe together and discover the three trending vacation hotspots right now in 2018.

The 3 Trending Vacation Hotspots Right Now 2018

vacation hotspots right now


A country in the Balkans made up of thousands of islands, Greece is as profoundly important to history as it is beautiful to behold. Don’t miss these sights:
1. Acropolis of Athens: Located above the city of Athens, the Acropolis contains many buildings of historical and architectural importance, including the Parthenon.
2. Ionian Islands: Check out Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos Island, Ithaca, Kythira, and Cephalonia.
3. Imerovigli: The picturesque, perfect little town on Santorini famous for its sunset.
4. Mount Olympus: Perfect for hiking.
5. Melissani Cave: Located on Kefalonia, this cave has a hides a beautiful lake with crystal clear blue-green water.

Faroe Islands

If you’re looking for unspoiled beauty, long hikes, and a true escape – the Faroe Islands are your best bet. Don’t miss these sights:
1. Mykines: Pack a lunch and take the ferry over for a day of hiking and puffin watching.
2. Sørvágsvatn: Check out the famous floating lake of Faroe but be prepared for a hike!
3. Tórshavn: The capital city of the Faroe Islands is full of little shops and restaurants.
4. Múlafossur Waterfall: The postcard-perfect waterfall.
5. Drangarnir: See the iconic sea stacks, located between Tindhólmur and Vágar.


Located on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, Tulum is the country’s current hot spot dreamy city to visit. Don’t miss these sights:
1. Gran Cenote: Go snorkeling in this stunning limestone sinkhole.
2. Parque Nacional de Tulum: A national park with coastal views and Mayan ruins.
3. Tulum – El Castillo: More Mayan ruins with a side of coastal views. My favorite!
4. Ruinas de Tulum: Check out the remains of an entire Mayan city.
5. Playa Pescadores: For a beautiful beach and amazingly clear blue water.

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