Miami Music Week 2019: Where to Eat

Miami Music Week 2019: Where to Eat, food, where to eat, food, music, miami

Welcome to Miami, music lovers! Miami Music Week 2019 starts today. So many of you are ready to take on Miami by storm. Especially the cuisine. Miami restaurants are major right now. Is it any surprise? Some of the worlds biggest chefs are opting to move down to sunny Miami to open some of the hottest places the city has seen. So, if you’re coming in from out of town and looking for a great place to eat, just consider me an expert. Read on for more!

Bazaar Mar- Jose Andres never disappoints. This is definitely a restaurant that you won’t want to miss. Get a taste of Miami and the Caribbean but in a whole new way. A vibrant gastronomical experience that brings in all of the senses. Get a taste of his vibrant cuisine the next time you’re in Miami.

Estefan Kitchen- Cuban is a must, especially in Miami where we have a major Cuban community. For something a little different than your usual Cuban restaurant, head to Estefan Kitchen. My friends, the Estefans want you to experience their culture with a fine-dinging experience.

SuViche- SuViche is an Asian-Peruvian fusion in the heart of Wynwood. This flavorful restaurant is all about the scene so be sure to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere after a walk around the artful Wynwood area.

Kyu- Kyu is one of the best restaurants in Miami right now. Expect the best service, food, and experience. Make sure to make a reservation way in advance to enjoy. Miami isn’t known for reservations but Kyu is that big.

1-800-Lucky- If you’re looking for nightlife and a bite to eat, 1-800-Lucky is the spot. Part market, bar, and record store, this place has everything you need for a great meal and a great night. Enjoy!



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