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How to Beat Jet Lag: Hydrate + Relax Edition

how to beat jet lag

Last week I revealed my travel tips on how to beat jet lag part one. This week I present the hydration and relaxation edition of how you can beat jet lag the next time (and every time) you travel.

How to Beat Jet Lag: Hydrate + Relax Edition

how to beat jet lag


When you travel, it’s critical to stay hydrated both internally and externally. I always have a reusable S’well water bottle with me and keep it filled up. A word of caution: tap water in other countries can sometimes upset your stomach. If you’re staying in the same place for the entire trip or a long duration of it, buy a large bottle of filtered water and use it to refill your water bottle.

Green juice also has a lot of nutrients and gives you a natural boost of energy without dehydrating you as caffeine does. If you can’t find a freshly pressed juice bar at the airport or your destination, bring along some green juice powder like the Alkalising Greens one from WelleCo to give you that extra hydration and nutrient boost.

To keep my face hydrated and moisturized amidst the drying plane air and varying temperatures, I rely on Summer Fridays’ iconic Jet Lag Mask. This product hasn’t even been around for that long, and it’s already legendary. That’s because it works. With a mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and ceramides, the Jet Lag Mask helps to renew and soothe your skin from takeoff to landing.


Once you’re hydrated, you can focus on relaxing and enjoying everything about your trip. Bring an essential oil rollerball, rub the oil on your wrists and behind your ears and deeply breathe in the relaxing scent. You can do this on the plane and in your hotel room whenever you need a moment to yourself to feel truly zen.

When you arrive at your final destination, find a local spa, or see if your hotel has one, and treat yourself to a full body massage. You will feel like a new person, and the jet lag will simply melt away.


What are your travel must-haves? Did any of my picks make your list? Tweet me @lorenridinger



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