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How to Learn to Embrace Your Sensitivity and See It as a Strength

Being overly sensitive in a world that promotes cold interactions could feel dreadful. It is often seen as something unnecessary. Everyone has heard at least once in their lives the saying: don’t cry. We are taught to inhibit our emotions, to only care for ourselves, to be egoistic. Only those who are really close to us can reach our inner worlds and can see us as who we are. 

These are just some of the things that describe nowadays’ society. In a fast-paced world where productivity and agendas are way more important than the feelings of the employees, being highly sensitive can be overwhelming. And highly sensitive people, because they are very emphatic and are easily affected by other people’s feelings, often retreat. 

There are many roles in today’s society that teach us that strength and dominance are the things we need. But what if you are a highly sensitive person? What if you are different from what society teaches us is better? You need to learn how to embrace your sensitivity and see it as a strength. Because different does not mean bad. And in a society where coldness and strength are promoted, being a highly sensitive person restores the faith in humanity. 

The Characteristics of Highly Sensitive People 

Highly sensitive people are different, say writers of And it is not something uncommon. About 20% of the population is highly sensitive and it is something normal, even though sometimes society shames those who are this way. Becoming aware of your unique traits is important. It helps you understand why you react the way you do in some moments. But it also helps you be more aware of who you are and learn to appreciate and embrace your sensitivity. 

Highly-sensitive people are:

  • Overstimulated by crowded and busy moments, so they frequently take breaks
  • Affected by the moods and feelings of others 
  • Ruminating very often
  • Perfectionists, in some cases
  • Disturbed by bright lights and loud noises 
  • Nervous and anxious when the deadline is tight and they have a lot of tasks on their to-do list 

If you feel you often take things personally and have many of the traits above, you might be a highly-sensitive person. But instead of being harsh with yourself, learn to embrace it and see it as a strength. How can you do this?

Become Aware of Your Personality Trait 

Even though you might think you are broken because you are so empathic and sensitive, compared with others, you should know that there is nothing wrong with you. The society promotes unhealthy and unrealistic expectations from the people, as well as roles. But being sensitive in a world where most people are not is an advantage.

You can connect easier with the people around you. Your emotion, awareness, and empathy centers light up more often, as highly-sensitive people have a difference of chemistry in their brains. So, the first thing you can do that will help you embrace your sensitivity is to become aware of it. 

Many people try to shelve or repress their sensitivity because this is what society teaches us to do. But this is something that defines you and it makes you who you are. A sensitive person who cares about others and that is overstimulated and often needs breaks.

This is not something bad and even though you may think that people do not like it, for sure they love you for who you are. Become aware of your personality trait but without criticizing the way you react and see things. 

Respecting the Boundaries

Social groups have existed on Earth since the inception of civilizations. They helped humanity survive, as a group is stronger than a single individual. Every group has norms, meaning some rules that group members follow. Most people are part of groups, smaller or larger. People work in a team at their jobs, have families, and a group of friends.

But overly-sensitive people might see the interactions and activities of groups a little bit differently. They do not have the energy to take part in all activities, for example. They need breaks for overstimulation. And one way to embrace your sensitivity is to respect your boundaries. Do what you feel you want to do.

If you feel you want to spend a cozy Friday night inside and not in a club at a party, then do it. If you feel you need a break, take it. You need some time aside to replenish your energy levels and feel you can sensitively face an insensitive world again. 

Caring for the Body and Mind 

A highly sensitive person is affected by what others feel. You kind of take over others’ emotions and you feel as you experience what others went through. Sometimes, this can become overwhelming. So, besides respecting your boundaries, it is essential to care for your body and mind. Self-care sessions are important because they help you connect with your inner world. Do whatever brings you pleasure, helps you relax, and unwind. 

Ending Note 

Being sensitive in an insensitive world can feel like a burden. In a society where strength, dominance, and perfection are promoted, you may feel you do not fit the norm. And this is true. But it is not a bad thing at all. Highly-sensitive people can connect with others easily, they can reach the souls of the people because they are very emphatic, aware, and sensitive.

High sensitivity should be seen as a strength, as a unique trait you have. Embrace your sensitivity and start seeing it as a strength. Respect your boundaries, care for your mind and body, become aware of who you are and your inner world. It is this trait, along with others, that makes you who you are, so do not try to repress it. Embrace it because it is a part of you. 

Bio lines: Sherri Carrier is a professional writer and a member of several writing clubs in New York, RushEssay and EduGeeksClub. She has been writing her own poems since she was a child. The young author gets inspiration from her favorite writers and people whom she loves.



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