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How Moms Can Love Their Bodies This Summer

Have you ever noticed another mom who seemed to effortlessly love her body and wondered, how? While it may seem like self-love just comes naturally for some mothers, the reality is, it takes work. Accepting the changes your body has endured after having children is usually the biggest roadblock for moms. But, the good news is, there are plenty of tactics you can try this summer that are sure to help. As this beautiful season approaches, now is the time to come up with a plan for how you can better love your body over the next few months.

Start an Active Summer Hobby

Regular physical activity has been proven to result in increased self-esteem, largely due to the endorphins that are released during exercise. Unfortunately, many moms don’t have time to go to the gym with their busy schedules. If you fall into this category, one of the best ways to get some extra endorphins this summer is by taking up an active hobby. Find something that gets you moving, while also giving you purpose. Here are a few summer hobby ideas you can even try along with your kids in order to stay active and get outside:

  • Gardening: While it’s said to be a labor of love, gardening or plant keeping in general is a noble and physical summer hobby that might even yield you some produce! And, if you plan to start a larger garden, you might be surprised to hear that gardening is a great way to keep fit! Though losing weight as you tend to your veggies shouldn’t be your main focus, it is an added bonus that will likely help you to love your body more.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a full-body workout that offers numerous physical benefits. Not only will it burn calories, it’s also been known to help you destress and relax, which is something all moms need. Whether you make it part of your summer routine to swim each morning at the local beach, or you have a pool of your own you can swim in, this is a refreshing hobby that is sure to boost your confidence.
  • Yoga: A tried and true way of connecting your body with your mind, yoga is a wonderful hobby to look into for any mom on a self-love journey. Take your mat outside, queue up a free Youtube yoga session, and use this time to really love and accept how your body feels.

Regardless if you try out the choices above, or come up with your own, having an active hobby that’s yours will give you a sense of purpose and self-worth this summer. So find what works best for you and take control of the warm season before it’s too late!

Embrace Your Body Type

When it comes to loving yourself, it’s more than likely that your body takes the biggest brunt of your negativity. Every mom has something she doesn’t like about her body, so keep in mind that another mother you might deem as more beautiful than you has her own insecurities, too. One of the most effective ways to truly start to love your body this summer is by embracing your body type. The sooner you can accept that you only have one body, the easier it will be to fully love that body. This, of course, is easier said than done, but here are some ways you can work towards embracing your body type this summer:

  • Style for your shape: One of the main reasons most women end up disliking their bodies is because they have a problem with the way their body looks in certain clothes. However, the real problem is not with your body, but with the clothes themselves. For anyone who struggles with fitting into certain looks or is too afraid to start styling for your curves, the right set of intimates can help this summer. Instead of hiding your body type, sculpting your figure with soft women’s cotton underwear will allow you to style for your shape and better embrace yourself where you’re at. Don’t accuse your body of being the problem when in reality, it’s the inconsistency of clothing providers.
  • Change your inner voice: A technique that most therapists recommend for anyone who is unhappy with their body is to overcome your critical inner voice. Since the summer usually requires most of us to show more skin, examine how you talk to yourself when you’re in your swimsuit. While you aren’t required to love every single part of yourself, one way to get closer to doing so is to find at least one thing you love about your body, and compliment it. This can be anything from your dimples to your belly button!
  • Talk to your partner or close friend: Leaning on your partner or your best friend during seasons where it’s hard to love your body is crucial. Be open with a loved one or your spouse about how you’re feeling, and do not be afraid to ask for reassurance. Words of affirmation have a powerful way of helping us to see ourselves through the eyes of those who care for us most. There are bound to be parts of your body your partner loves about you that you might not even be aware of, so ask them to verbalize it!

Connect with Other Moms

The absolute best way for you to feel encouraged enough to start loving your body is by connecting with other moms. No one will understand the difficulties you might be experiencing both internally and externally better than someone who has also birthed a child themselves. If you already have close friends who are moms, great! Schedule some time with them regularly to chat over coffee or to go on walks together so that you can gauge their advice on staying body positive.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have many close mom friends, there are actually several apps that can fix that! Take your pick of some of the apps on this list to learn more about which option might work for you. Some apps can even scan your Facebook profile to find moms that share similar beliefs/interests to yours. It can be especially challenging to start loving your body if you feel alone on your journey, so try to find other moms who know and have experienced the same struggles.

The warmer months are a wonderful time for connecting with your kids and connecting with yourself, so don’t let negative self-talk hold you back. Take up an active summer hobby, spend some time with other mommas, and embrace your curves so that you can manifest a body positive summer!



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