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Plan A Luxury Sleepover At Home

Last week Amber wanted to throw the kids a fun sleepover and asked our friends from Dream and Party for a little help! Amber shared sleepover party ideas and the color scheme she wanted with the company. After, the team developed a design with a white and gold color palette, including unique golden stars. We were so thrilled with the end result! If you’d like to work with the company we used for your upcoming event feel free to check out more information below.

Dream and Party LLC

Picnic & Sleepover Themed Rentals

We craft themed party settings by selecting all the elements that allow us to create a cohesive aesthetic look. We often hand-craft many of the party props to achieve a “one-of-a-kind” look. Our rentals consist of themed settings. We do not rent individual items but the whole setting. We set everything up and breakdown. We neither ship our rentals nor can they be picked up. We want to make sure that the setup looks exactly how we and the client envisioned it.

Everything included in the setting must be returned in the same good condition as it was received and it will be picked up as soon as the event ends.

Prices vary depending mainly on the theme you choose from our current options. We have premium themed settings and also classic settings. All our premium themed settings include a considerable number of props, string lights, throw pillows and decoration, which is reflected in the price. We also offer classic setups with fewer or no props, and simpler decor but still dreamy and beautiful, keeping our high-end look. 




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