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Our New Home in Greenwich

Our New Home in Greenwich | Loren's World

To say that we’ve been feeling blessed lately is an understatement. JR and I recently bought a home in Greenwich, CT with 12,000 square feet of acreage where we can enjoy nature with its babbling brooks, lush trails, and peaceful landscaping. This is our ideal spot to enjoy with the grandkids and disconnect from the rest of the world and I couldn’t be happier to share the photos with you.

Greenwich 1

Just 10 minutes from Greenwich Harbor where Utopia III is moored, we had and incredible time in our new house with our family over Memorial Day Weekend. No electronics, no TVs, no phones – no other entertainment or company but each other. And I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. We explored the property, got to know the original hills where the Rockefeller estate used to be while Ayden had a blast in the pool and chased chipmunks through our backyard. The whole thing feels like a fairytale.

Greenwich 2

Greenwich 3

Greenwich 4

Greenwich 5

Greenwich 6

Greenwich 7

Greenwich 8
This little special place to enjoy nature and all the little chipmunks (amongst other things) at my home in Greenwich which Rockefeller put there years and years ago and which I will keep there :).

Greenwich 9

Greenwich 10

Greenwich 12

Greenwich 11

Keep up with me on Pinterest as I look for ideas to decorate the new place. Follow me here. We’ve got a long way to go and a whole lot of furniture to figure out. But it’s ours and it feels wonderful. I hope you’ll keep up with me as I put it all together. xoxo



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